Alpine Properties is a 180 acre GREEN development with forty 3-acre parcels and a 1-acre parcel on Lake Eyak available for you to build an isolated home in the woods over looking Lake Eyak. Phase 1 parcels are shown.

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Alpine Properties is Green Great care was taken during the design and construction phases to assure that Alpine Properties conformed to environmentally sensitive guidelines. In the design phase, parcels were zoned a minimum of 3 acres to provide complete privacy for each homeowner and also reduce drainage and any impact on Lake Eyak, an important spawning lake for our Copper River salmon. CC&Rs cover the parcels to assure quality development. Streams & meadows     Roads are designed to avoid crossing streams or meadows. Road design is limited to 15% grade to reduce slipping and run off, and care was taken that run off is directed by road design into natural ground cover to filter the water. Embankments are all seeded with grass and wildflowers to stop erosion and add to the beauty of Alpine Properties. The road and water system for Phase 1 are accepted as city owned. Old Growth Forest          Each 3 acre parcel has a driveway and house pad constructed which reduces cutting of old growth forest and to give your home seclusion. Neighbors are close by for security, but your home will be private. Electricity, telephone, water, cable and hi-speed internet are stubbed out to each parcel so roads do not need to be disturbed. Each building location provides ideal views and still provides privacy. Alpine Properties Permits All the permits and studies required for development have been completed, including the Coastal Management Permit, a wetlands evaluation, an artifact study, an EPA permit, a bathymetric study, an air traffic study, a septic study and others.  All you need to do to get a building permit is pay $50 to the city. This amounts to both great time and cost savings for your home construction.
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