animal Cordova is a wildlife viewing paradise, and for hunters, real wilderness hunting is ready for the adventuresome.  Many species of game birds frequent the area, and song birds are a birder's dream come true.  Animal viewing in their natural habitat and hunting provides opportunities to search for bear, both black & brown, wolf, moose, goat, deer and smaller animals. 
Duck hunters in the blind - great fun!

Bird Viewing and Hunting is very good on the Copper River Delta.  If you are a bird enthusiast, you will enjoy the Shorebird Festival here in Cordova during the first week of May when the Copper River Delta is visited by millions of migrating birds.

Camoflage gets the job done! Happy Hunter! A bear's paw print along the Alaganik Slough Wolves are a difficult trophy   A rare hunting trophy, wolves are difficult to find.
Cordova is on the migratory birds path.  One can observe or hunt many varieties of ducks, sea ducks, Geese, Brant, Snipe, and Sandhill Cranes, as well as upland birds Spruce Hens, and Ptarmigan.  A black bear spotted along Power Creek road. A Black Bear viewed in the wild - always a thrill. Game animals can be seen in their natural habitat.  Bears are found in various areas determined by food source, along streams when the salmon are running.  Goats are on the various mountains in the area, and require a climb to view.  Moose and deer are plentiful. Three billy goats at high altitude Goats are always on the top of the mountain.
One can see Moose in the wild year round. A proud lady with a magnificent trophy. Subsistence Hunting Permit Residents are eligible to draw for subsistence permits for Moose, and the permits are plentiful.  Ladies enjoy joining the men in big game wilderness hunts, and are very proud of magnificent trophies. Trapping in the Cordova area is available with a hunting license.  Game animals and game birds that can be trapped are beaver, coyote, fox, hare, lynx, wolf, wolverine, grouse and ptarmigan.
Goat trophies have beautiful coats

Sitka Black Tail Deer in Cordova are plentiful on the islands of Prince William Sound and Orca Inlet. The deer meat is fabulous and the deer permit allows 5 deer per year for each resident and 4 deer for non-residents.   Deer hunting season runs from Aug. 20 - Sept. 30 for bucks, October 1 to December 31 for any deer. Moose meat is also delicious and a moose furnishes enough meat for several families to share. 

A beautiful Spring Black Bear

Cordova is one of the few places in Alaska where both brown/grizzly bear and black bear co-exist in the same range.  Food is plentiful for both species.  Also unique, in Cordova a hunter can get a brown/grizzly bear permit each year, not the normal every four years permitted in other areas of Alaska.  Spring bear meat is very good to eat.  Fall bear meat is strong and tastes of the fish diet on which the bears gorge themselves.

A rare blond grizzly bear A cinnamon grizzly bear makes a fine trophy
An Alaskan Sitka Blacktail deer Sitka Blacktail deer meat is wonderful eating, regarded by most as better than whitetail deer.  Hunting takes place on the mountain top during fall, but the first snows force the deer down for easy access. Cordova's Shooting Range has two rifle ranges and one pistol range for sighting in rifles, pistols and practice. In addition, there is a skeet and trap range and an active club that meets weekly for trap and skeet shoots. Rifle and Pistol range gets lots of activity
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