Fishing is an active sport enjoyed in the Cordova area both summer and winter.  Alaskan Halibut, King Salmon (Chinook), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Salmon Sharks, Rockfish, Dolly Varden trout,  are plentiful in the local Cordova area. Each month a different type of fishing activity is available.
55# Copper River King Salmon Fishing - Hunting Paradise  So you want to catch a big fish? Look at the King Salmon! Prince William Sound's calm, pristine pure waters are a fisherman's dream come true. The cool clean waters are home to the famous Copper River King and Red Salmon coming to spawn in Alaska's longest river, the Copper River, which spills out in a delta east of Cordova.  Since the swim up the river to spawn is very long and arduous, the Copper River salmon put on  large amounts of fat reserve for the swim up the river, which makes them highest in all of Alaska for omega-3, and most delicious to eat!  When you have one of these monsters on your line, you know you have a big fight! 65# Halibut with a Georgia Gentleman Salmon-Halibut-Rockfish  Want to catch a big halibut like the photo on the left? Alaskan Halibut are noted for being pure, delicious, and easy to catch during the summer.  The fish schools migrate from the deep cold breeding waters, and start to show up in quantities in the Cordova waters in April, and are abundant in the Cordova ocean water throughout the summer.  Residents enjoy putting out subsistence long lines, multiple hooks baited with herring, squid, or octopus, and catching halibut for the freezer for their winter food supply.  When you live in Cordova, you become a rural resident, and fall under state subsistence fish regulations.
Trolling for Winter Kings! It's great sport during the winter to troll the ocean waters for "winter kings".  The photo to the right shows two happy residents with their fish caught with downriggers and flashers and either herring or lure. Winter White Kings caught year round Chicken Halibut or Big One? Local Cordova fisherman really prefer halibut in the 30-60 pound range.  We call them "chickens" because of their mild flavor and small flake size.  "Chickens" are the preferred size for eating. A woman's day out Rock fish and Halibut
Silver (Coho) Salmon on a Fly Rod in Stream Fly fishing is really great  When you catch a king or red salmon in the rivers or at the weir, you're in for a real fight.  When the run is on, late August and September, you can hook a silver 19 casts out of 19 casts.  You'll be throwing back a few! Helicopter or Fly into places few have ever been Fish for delicious Rock Fish Pictured above with the halibut are Yellow Eye Rock Fish which is a delicate white meat fish.  Our ocean waters abound in many species of deep water rock fish which also put up a good fight!
For the Adventuresome Fishing for sharks is a new ocean activity.  Salmon sharks up to 1500 lbs. are in the bays during the salmon runs, and readily take to salmon bait.  Pictured to the right is a Sleeper shark caught on a halibut hook. Sleeper Shark that took a small halibut Fly to Remote Fishing Areas It's fun to take a helicopter, float plane, or hike to remote fishing areas, many with Forest Service cabins.  Fish the pristine lakes for trout, or the river tributaries for salmon during the run with either flies or spinners. Group of Happy Fishermen
Fresh Shrimp - a delicacy Shrimping is a great additional activity while out on the ocean in a boat.  Subsistence shrimp traps, "pots", are baited and dropped in deep water with a marker buoy, and left to attract the shrimp, usually while the fishermen go to catch other fish.  After fishing, when the pot is raised, there is usually a delicious bucket of shrimp waiting to be boiled and served as appetizers before the delicious fish dinner.  Yum! Shrimp and Halibut make a complete meal You need muscles to catch these big fish When not ice skating fish for dinner

Ice Fishing in Lake Eyak Fishing for Dolly Varden takes place for a few hardy residents who like to get in a little winter ice fishing.  The lake freezes thick enough for ice skating and fishing.

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